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The 1st Sig Bde is headquartered in Yongsan with units throughout Korea. 1st Sig Bde provides strategic and tactical communications, broadcast television and radio, and information management to USFK and component command headquarters in the ROK. 501st Military Intelligence Brigade Among other sensors, it operates RC 12 GUARDRAIL and Airborne Reconnaissance Low platforms. While these are due to be replaced by a future Airborne Common Sensor, they provide signals intelligence (SIGINT), imagery intelligence (IMINT), and synthetic aperture radar/moving target indicator (SAR/MTI) mission payloads.524th MI Battalion's mission is to provide counterintelligence and human source intelligence to the joint and combined war fighter.Eliminating the National Dept of the United States.
The United States is spending too much money in the wrong ways, and this money could be used to help Americans live better lives and eliminate poverty. Too much money is being wrongly spent in the United States. According to the Federal Budget Receipts and Outlays (Table 457), in 2009 alone, the United States Government spent 2.156 Trillion Dollars; 1.841 Trillion dollars over budget. In 2009, there was a population of 307,006,550, in which 13.2 percent of this population was in poverty in 2008. The United States could easily become the most profitable and functioning country in the world if they could control useless spending and focus more on problems within the US first. Budgeting for Bucks Americans are constantly told to budget their money if they want to live a better life financially. While some Americans budget their money allowing them to pay their bills on time and still have money to do other things, the United States, as a government, is not budgeting. The United States does spend money on Americans, but most money is spent overseas to support other countries, useless wars, and immigration. As Americans, it is our responsibility to budget our money, but the government should also budget our money (tax dollars) and spend it on things needed in the United States before supporting other countries that have the same problems as in the US. The United States can not "save the world" without saving itself first! Money OverspentThe first matter to cover is the War in Iraq. The United States decided to once again interfere with another countries lifestyle and start war with them. No one can disagree that something needed to be done in Iraq to help the people there, but what about the people in the United States who also need help? Did the War in Iraq help the American citizens in any way The War on Iraq, or the War on Terror, cost somewhere around $720 million dollars per day! This money will never be returned. Once the war ends and all soldiers have returned home, this money must be used to settle the United States dept. This money could easily be used to help pay home taxes, create jobs and businesses, and get people out of debt.
More SpendingThe health care and welfare system in the United States is a necessity. But, too many people abuse the system and get away with it. The government approves too many people in this system that is perfectly healthy enough to work and support their own families; except these people choose "not to work". They hire lawyers and basically force the government into giving them disability or some other type of welfare income. Once this process finishes, the person can sit back and enjoy life Test this yourself, go to the local grocery store or check cashing center around the first of the month. See how many people are cashing government checks (most nearly for $1000.00 or more) and how many appear to be perfectly happy with good health. People who are claiming to be disabled should be closely monitored and truly validated that they are worthy of government help. Money Spent OverseasSometimes money spent overseas for disaster, poverty, and general assistance is necessary. But, all too often the United States will send money to support issues that we are facing in the United States. Is it feasible to send money to other countries when it is needed in our own country? Wouldn't our country be a stronger country if we supported our needs before supporting others When foreign countries have some form of natural disaster, a world wide assistance program should be implemented to support those in need. While other countries do help support disaster programs, the United States normally jumps in and pours millions of dollars in for support. This is fine with most Americans, but disaster support should come from all countries in the world.
More Financial ControlThe United States needs to control the financial aspects of this country. Some Americans are being severely overtaxed while some pay no taxes at all. Most of those who are not paying any taxes are those who are living off the welfare system. The United States government must, somehow, figure out a way to cut back on spending other than laying off well needed employees. The problem is not in the employees but the bad spending habits that the United States has.